Healthy Summer Foods

Beat the Delhi Heat with these Top 10 Healthy Summer Foods

Summer season has already entered the Delhi-NCR region and Sun has begun showing its cruelty. Everybody is looking out on the Internet ‘What to eat in summer to keep the body cool’. In the beginning only, it feels like sun rays would burn our skin if exposed to it for a longer time. But the problem is that we cannot skip our daily important routine, willingly or unwillingly we have to go outside the house and face the intolerable Sun.

The worst thing is that this excessive heat can be dangerous for our body causing heat stroke, heat hives, heat syncope, heat edema etc. In order to stay protected, we should take necessary preventive measures to beat the Delhi heat this summer.

Healthy summer foods will surely save us from the brutality of Sun. The water rich fruits and vegetables keep us hydrated all day. It allows us to stay active and alert in this intolerable weather.

Following is the List of Top 10 Summer Foods to Add to Your Diet:-

Watermelon :- A rich source of Vitamin-C and lycopene, watermelon is one of the ideal summer foods to eat. It has a high water content that keeps you hydrated and calm.

Yoghurt :- Curd is the prime accompaniment of our everyday diet in summer. It aids the human body with coolant effect and its probiotic property.

Cucumber :- Nothing can be more healthy food than a salad to reduce the body heat in the summer season. This refreshing vegetable is rich in water that clear outs the toxins from our body.

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Blackberries And Raspberries :- These are the most delicious summer foods to eat, fruits full of vitamin C and Fiber. The only thing they are not so popular is because of their expensiveness.

Corn :- Another healthy summer vegetable contains two antioxidants namely lutein and zeaxanthin. They help in protecting our skin from the ill-effects of ultraviolet rays of the Sun. These days you can easily find sweet corns on the Delhi street.

Tomato :- This vegetable can be easily found in every Indian kitchen. Tomatoes hold great detoxifying and antioxidant properties.

Raw Mango :- Yes, we also have the king of fruits in our top 10 summer foods list. The Aam Panna made from raw mango keeps the human body hydrated on extremely hot days and soothes sunstroke.

Avocados :- A superfruit loaded with multiple vitamins viz. Vitamin k, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, B6 etc. It is a green colour pear-shaped fruit, helps in avoiding heart diseases.

Orange :- The sweet and juicy citrus fruit maintains the supply of potassium in our body that ultimately saves us from the problem of muscle cramps. The antioxidants present in the orange protect skin from radical damage and vitamin c in orange boost immune system.

Zucchini :- A commonly used vegetable also called as ‘Jugni’ or ‘Turai’ in our national capital. A nutrient dense best food for summer heat boosts energy and decreases the fatigue in our body.

Summer or Winter, we cannot change the season as they will come every year on their respective time. Instead, we should regularly take foods to reduce body heat and stay protected from the ill effects of extreme heat.