Class Ten Students of Government Schools in Delhi

No Summer Vacation this Year: Delhi’s Directorate of Education announced Remedial Classes for Students of Classes 10 and 12 Studying in Government Schools

It seems as if the Delhi government is quite serious about the result of students reading in class 10 and 12. According to a circular, issued by the Directorate of Education (DoE) Delhi, all the government schools will have to arrange remedial classes in the summer holidays especially for Class 10 students, Class 12 students and weaker students who have failed in Class 10 or willing to give the compartmental exams in class 10 in 2019 .

The remedial classes will be organised between 15th May and 6th June 2019 by the govt. Schools in the national capital. This decision has been taken as a consequence of the poor performance of class ten students of government schools in CBSE Class 10 Result 2019. And it is clear from the strictness of the DoE department that they don’t want govt. school students to underperform in comparison to private school students. This is the reason DoE is continuously pushing both govt. schools and students in order to improve the level of education.

The DoE has instructed the head of government schools to make the students familiar with the CBSE ten & twelfth syllabus and assign a daily task in each subject. Also, the education department, expects schools to collect No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Parents of the Wards.

Focusing on Weaker Students

The DoE department wants the Heads of Schools (HoS) to put a particular eye on weaker students. Multiple students have failed in class 10 exams and many are willing to give compartment exams. These students need to focus on study single-mindedly and practice their subjects regularly.

Compulsory Attendance during Classes

Directorate of Education has made it very clear in their statement that these remedial classes will be mandatory for all students, whether they are studying in Class 10, Class 12, failed or giving compartment exam in class 10. According to DoE, the result of Class 12 students in government schools are much better than their juniors in 10th. And this array is well maintained by twelfth class students every year.

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Although the department founds ‘No Detention Policy’ below Class 8, responsible for these poor performances of tenth class students. Because without the fear of studying in the same class, students don’t take their study as seriously as they should take.  

Good Education Initiative by Delhi Government

No doubt, the quality of education has sharply increased in the period of Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party Government. This is not the so-called “Jumla” but the reality of grass root level education in Delhi. The entire face of Delhi’s government schools has been changed once Manish Sisodia has taken the Rajdhani’s Education Department. And these fine steps are empowering the poor section residents of Delhi.