How to Protect Thyself from the ill Effects of Air Pollution in Delhi? What We should do and What the Government is doing?

ill Effects of Air Pollution

At the time, when the situation is alarming in Delhi-NCR, taking preventive measures to save your life is a must. Everyday in the news, you can listen that many people have been admitted to hospitals due to air prone diseases. According to a research done by University of Chicago’s Air Quality Life Index “The lifespan of people decreases by almost 11 years if they live in highly polluted areas in comparison to people living in less polluted areas.”

Apart from that, I am pretty sure that you must have felt the adverse effect of air pollution on health, may be less or more.

Following are some points that will tell you How to protect yourself from Air Pollution in Delhi :

a) Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are so many plants available in the market which can help in decreasing the negative effects of air pollution. Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Money Plant, Mother In Law’s Tongue, Warneck Dracaena are some of the best air purifying plants. You can effortlessly buy these plants from a nearby nursery or online stores.

Secondly, You can order an Air Purifier for home. Nowadays, You can find Air Purifiers from different brands on the store viz. Philips, Dyson, Honeywell, Mi and Kent. Choose anyone after checking the reviews and price. It will help in capturing the airborne allergens along with irritants.

Lastly, you should check the ventilation of the kitchen and bathroom. As this is the main cause of indoor air pollution. Timely verify if chimney in kitchen and exhaust in bathrooms are working fine.

b) Take a Healthy Diet

Nutritious food is entirely necessary for the routine diet to boost the immune system. One should regularly take leafy vegetables such as spinach, coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves and Citrus Fruits like oranges, lemon, grapefruits, pomelos, gooseberries etc. Make a habit of sipping green tea containing tulsi leaves, ginger, turmeric (a good antioxidant and have anti-inflammatory properties) at least twice a day.

Eating Jaggery (Guudd) and taking steam inhalation can help you in pushing out harmful pollutants from lungs. Drinking plenty of clean water can keep you hydrated and removes the toxin from the body.

c) Avoid Outdoor Exercise

Doing regular exercise is recommended but not at that time when you are getting poisonous pollutants in return. Morning walk and Jogging in parks should be totally refrained. Right now, when Delhi’s Air Quality Index oscillates between very poor and severe, everybody should practice the physical activities and yoga in a closed place. Parents should guide their children to avoid outdoor games when the condition is critical. Also, close doors and windows properly after entering the house.

d) Use Anti-Pollution Mask while Going Out

Although many of us find it awkward to wear a mask while travelling in Delhi Metro and DTC Buses. But we are unaware of the fact that our health is more precious than the feeling of discomfort which we carry while moving with strangers.

Please don’t use the surgical mask (the cheapest one) as it is not going to help you beyond some psychological satisfaction. Only good quality N99 and N95 masks worth your investment. These heavy-duty respirators are costly but ensure the maximum filtration of particulate matter.

You will find pollution masks of multiple varieties and brands in the market. I will suggest you to check the reviews and price before purchasing it online or offline. You can also check it on YouTube, there you will get a better comparison of pros & cons of the individual brand’s mask.   

e) Avoid Smoking Inside

Smoking itself has multiple negative impacts on human lungs. Inspite of knowing its ill effects if you are not willing to leave it then don’t let others suffer. When you smoke cigarettes inside your room, it remains in the air for long hours and through air goes inside the lungs of children, elders, pets. This secondhand smoking can be quite dangerous for children, no matter if they have been exposed to it for a short time. Try to smoke outside the house, probably away from window and doors.

f) Seek Doctor’s Advice Immediately, if required

Anytime you feel continuous symptoms of fever, shallow breathing or itchy eyes, don’t hesitate to consult a good doctor quickly. As it is said, “Prevention is always Better than Cure”.

What Government is doing to curb Air Pollution in National Capital?

I will not say that the government is doing nothing to control the air pollution in Delhi NCR. But whatever they are doing, needs to be done extensively and appropriately. Designing Rules and Policies are ok, but officials need to check if they have been implemented at grass root level or not. Several committees and authorities at state & central level have been formed to look after this. Also, different government departments shouldn’t play the blame game in between and focus on finding the solution of air pollution.

Steps taken by Government to Control Air Pollution in Delhi:

  1. Delhi government had introduced odd-even to control traffic congestion & pollution. The govt has also hiked the parking fee four times in order to discourage the Janta to use personal vehicles and go by public commute.
  2. Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has offered a subsidy of Rs.30,000 to about six thousand E-Rickshaw drivers in their bank account in 2016-17.
  3. Time to time, when the air quality falls into the severe level, Graded Response Action Plan is taken into action, the authorities are directing the industries and construction companies to immediately halt their operations.
  4. In October 2018, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Environment Minister formed multiple teams to perform surprise inspection in Delhi NCR and announced that the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) would strictly fine the violators, not abiding the rules.  
  5. Condition of government hospitals has been drastically improved by the present AAP government. Now if any person gets admitted, then he/she can easily avail all medical facilities like doctor checkup, lab tests, medicines at zero rupees.
  6. PWD workers have sprinkled water to settle down the pollutants at many places in Delhi.
  7. Every year Delhi, UP, Haryana and Central Government are jointly putting money in stretching the Delhi Metro Network in order to immune the public transportation.

What we can do to protect Delhi NCR from the monster of Air Pollution?

Every individual living in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad in short Delhi-NCR, this is your Janma-Bhoomi or maybe Karma-Bhoomi, giving you and your family bread, clothes and house. So, it’s your moral responsibility to keep your city clean and green. Only the government cannot do any miracle alone, this is the time for us to show some magic to the world.

If from now, we will seriously put some effort toward taking steps to control air pollution, then definitely it will give amazing results. Make it a mark that neither you will pollute the air and nor allow anyone to damage your city’s health.

Steps to reduce air pollution that can be followed by inhabitants of Delhi NCR:-

  1. Use Public Transports like E-Rickshaw, Sharing Autos, Buses and Metro as much as possible. Also, you can do #carpooling while going to the office or returning back. Always get your vehicle checked for pollutants emission.
  2. Encourage children and neighbours for planting. Increase the number of indoor plants in the home. Use less paper to save trees.
  3. Don’t burn open waste and discourage sweepers from doing so. If you notice any factory that is doing mass waste burning, then inform the officials of the Central Pollution Control Board. They will take the required action.
  4. Use inverters in the house for power backup and avoid diesel generator connections. Convince your society’s welfare association to discourage the use of diesel generator.
  5. Spread awareness among others to contribute to the fight against the devil of air pollution.

Kudos! For Our Efforts.

How to Protect Yourself from Air Pollution in Delhi

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