Delhi Elections

Does Delhi’s Politics has Lost it’s Ethics?

The biggest festival of the world’s largest democracy, Lok Sabha Election 2019, has come to an end. All the road shows, day & night campaigning, series of criticism and violations of model code of conduct are over. The mandate of the Janta will come on 23rd May ’19.

With the announcement of voting results, it will be decided that who will become the next Pradhan Sewak of Bharat.

This political year saw a remarkable up in the number of voters, over 900 million voter turnout. This number is highest (about 67%) since independence of India. Even the highest polling booth of the world situated in Tashingang village of Himachal Pradesh state reported excellent voter turnout.

Now coming to the so-called politics of Delhi. What I have analysed from my experience is that the Politics in Delhi is still in an immature phase. Beside of lying very close to the Uttar Pradesh, a state that decides the fate of Indian Politics, the politicians in Delhi is not learning anything from their fellow politicians in UP.

What I feel is that Delhi’s politicians lack a basic sense of Political Culture, no matter which party they belong to. One possible primary reason could be Delhi not being full-fledged State. The poor capital city of our nation is trapped in the tug of war between multiple power centres.

Rajdhani Delhi has witnessed many defaming incidents before the elections on Sunday 12th May ’19.

a) One of them happened to the Aam Aadmi Party’s East Delhi candidate, Atishi Marlena. She shed a few tears during a Press Conference, reading a derogatory pamphlet about herself which has been distributed in her constituency. The debut female politician accuses her opponent Gautam Gambhir for this shameful event. Meanwhile, Cricketer turned BJP Politician Gautam Gambhir has entirely unlike words on this incident. He firmly rejects the allegations against him.

b) Another is a viral #slapgate incident that has occurred with Aam Aadmi Party Chief and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. He has been slapped by a scrap shop owner, Suresh Chauhan, who climbed the vehicle during the AAP roadshow in Moti Nagar. Again Aam Aadmi Party thinks Bhartiya Janta Party is the culprit. In reply to this, Delhi BJP head, Manoj Tiwari says that Arvind Kejriwal has self-planned this event to gain political weight amidst Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

c) Also, BJP’s South Delhi candidate Ramesh Bidhuri used a Hindu Slur against AAP supremo Kejriwal during a public meeting in Mehrauli. He accused Aam Aadmi Party Chief of intentionally blocking prosecution in the sedition case against Begusarai’s Left candidate, Kanhaiya Kumar. He also called Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal a ‘Pimp’ in the presence of senior BJP Leader and Union Minister Giriraj Singh.

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Instead of giving any defensive lines post public meeting, Ramesh Bidhuri is justifying his statement as “If You don’t Call a Cow a Cow, a Rat a Rat and a Donkey a Donkey, then What will You Call them?”
Although on the grounds of the complaint filed by Raghav Chadha, Election Commission has sent a notice to Mr Bidhuri.

All these politicians, whether they are from BJP, Congress or AAP, has undoubtedly lost their ethics. They just want to engage themselves in these Vaad-Vivaad instead of focussing on major public issues in the national capital. Overpopulation and deadly Pollution are two big problems of Delhi, to which no political party is looking to.

My request to all political parties is ‘not to abuse and accuse each other instead pull out sustainable solutions to all-time problems of Delhites.