Curate a New You for War against Coronavirus – Tap to Boost Your Immunity

Boost your Immunity

While the world is fighting a battle against an enemy so strong, going to war without proper weapons is a mistake you cannot afford to make. Weapons? What weapons? We are talking about immunity boosters here. But wait; can you really boost your immunity? Or is it just a scam to drain your wealth by spreading the fear on the name of Coronavirus?

While Doctors across the world have made it pretty clear that most of the immunity is developed at an early age, it is unlikely (Read: Impossible) to drastically enhance your immunity using supplements or any other addition to your diet. While the world gives you a thousand tips like a nagging aunt in a family function talks about how ginger and garlic will boost your immunity, smile and walk away. It might not increase your immunity but it’ll definitely take a toll on your mental health pushing you into a constant abyss of ‘what if I am not doing this life thing right?’

The natural ways to keep yourself healthy during this pandemic are nothing that you haven’t done before; the intensity though, has increased.

1. Sleep for at least 8 Hours

This might sound monotonous now but your body rejuvenates faster and better when you are asleep. And yes, Netflix and chill for 8 hours straight doesn’t count as sleeping.

2. Eat Freshly Cooked Food instead of last Night’s Pasta

I know the leftover pasta sounds tempting but do you realize that a freshly cooked meal will enhance your system in ways you cannot decipher? Researchers have said that eating freshly cooked food eases your immunity boosters and helps in strengthening your immunity.

3. Warm Water to Clean your Internal Organs

Warm water at least once a day, especially in the morning will help flush out toxins and ease your immunity warriors naturally. Drink at least 3 liters of water in a day. Don’t worry; the client on video call will understand that you have network congestion while you go for a leak.

4. Physical Fitness for a Better Immunity

Remember when you participated in sports events in school or when you beat your sibling in an 800 meter race? I know you can’t go to the gym but your verandah is calling you. Keeping your body in motion is the only way to keep your brain working.

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5. Take Care of your Mental Health

Just how you feed yourself until you are full, your brain also needs inputs to keep it healthy. The world is a ruthless place to be in but what you read and see is what you think. Limit your news intake to an hour a day and talk to people you haven’t in ages. You’ll feel good about yourself without even trying to. Also, reward yourself for being able to survive in this pandemic.

6. Clean Yourself and Surroundings

Bath and scrub yourself at least once a day. Keep your house and environment sanitized. Wash your hands every one hour. This may sound common now but sometimes the easy ways are the only ways to get out of a difficult situation.

7. Stay Away from Others

Last but not the least; stay indoors and if you have to go out, keep your mask & sanitizer on and maintain 1 meter distance from everyone you meet. Remember how you wanted a 6 month vacation twice a year? It’s here, now stay indoors and keep yourself safe.

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