Stay Hydrated in Summer

Cure Your Summer Time Sadness with 9 Ways to Stay Hydrated in Soaring Temperature

Summers in Delhi are atrocious. With the temperature rising at an alarming rate to set new records, it is imperative to take utmost care of ourselves to endure the harsh weather. One of the best ways to survive the extreme heat and dryness is to stay hydrated. Water contains cooling properties which help maintain the temperature of the body and prevent us from different ailments caused due to dehydration.

Importance of Hydration:

There are several benefits of staying hydrated. Besides keeping the body cool, water also promotes cardiovascular health and help muscles, bones work properly. Water also prevents your mouth and throat from dryness and makes your skin clearer and brighter. Our physical and mental performances also depend on the level of water in our body; thus, it is crucial to stay hydrated.

Here are 9 ways to stay hydrated in hot weather:

  • Track Your Daily Water Intake – One of the most important ways to keep ourselves hydrated is to keep track of how much water we are drinking daily. This can be easily done with the help of many apps that are available like ‘Stay Hydrated’ or ‘Drink water’. One can also maintain a diary to keep track.
  • A Glass of Water in the Morning – Drinking a glass of water early in the morning after we wake up not only help us stay hydrated but also has countless important health benefits. It recharges the body from the slumber and wakes up the organs of our body.
  •  Refilling Your Water Bottle – It is advisable to drink 2 litres of water daily for the efficient functioning of the body. If your water bottle has a capacity of 1 litre, make sure refill the bottle at least twice to maintain the minimum requirement.
  • Drinking Coconut Water – Coconut water is one of the trendiest beverages which is loaded with nutrients and is good for our body. Besides being one of the best sources of hydration, coconut water also improves the functioning of the heart and the kidneys.
  • Flavoured Water – If drinking enough water is a problem for you, you can try adding a little flavour to the water. This can be done by adding a few drops of lemon juice or mint leaves for a change, which would increase the water intake.

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  • Food with High Water Content – The diet in summer must include a variety of healthy summer foods rich in water. Fruits like watermelon and pineapples enrich our body and help in maintaining the water levels. This is one of the best ways how to rehydrate fast at home.
  • Consider all Fluids – During the summer, all fluids that we intake help us to stay hydrated. The different Juices and shakes are beneficial for our body. Even beverages like tea and coffee help in keeping us hydrated.  
  • Reducing Caffeine and Alcohol – Half the human population is either addicted to caffeine or alcohol, sometimes even both together. Both caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, which helps in the production of urine. More urination in the summer means excess loss of water, because of which it is always advised to stay away from diuretics.
  • Beware of How much You Sweat – Summer months are generally sweaty due to the heat and humidity. Excessive sweating leads to loss of water and it is vital to know how to avoid dehydration in the hot weather. Make sure to drink more water as you sweat to recharge your body’s water reservoir.

Drinking less water can easily lead to lack of energy and put you in an increased risk of heat strokes. The colour of your urine also helps in suggesting the level of water in your body. If you are not meeting your daily target, it is alright. Grab a bottle next to you and start drinking immediately as it’s never too late to mend.

Stay Hydrated in Hot Weather Infographics
Source : MercyHealth