Challenge Crimes against women in Delhi

What can be done to Challenge Crime against Women in Delhi?

The national capital New Delhi is well known for many of its wonders. The beautiful places to visit, the decent shopping complexes spread all around the city, mind-blowing food, the prominent cricketers and the diverse culture. Still, one primary concern of Delhi is women’s safety. Unlike other cities of the world, women in Delhi tend to feel less secure. This issue needs to be addressed with the utmost priority.

Steps that can be Taken to Reduce Crime Against Women in National Capital :-

1. Self-Help by Women Community

Women community and forums can be initiated and promoted through social media to share their problems, discuss among themselves, take the suggestions and if needed, ask for help in an emergency. This community can, not just prevent mishappenings but also help to cure the lives of those who already have gone through this pain.

No one should judge or exploit them based on these happenings. We should understand whatever happened to them today can happen to anyone tomorrow. So, it’s our collective responsibility to help everyone rise as a unit and grow & live peacefully in society.

2) Including Self Defence Programs in Schools

Self-defence is also crucial when it comes to protecting women in case everything else fails. It should be taught as a compulsory subject in schools from the first class. As the girls grow up they can protect themselves against any kind of mishappenings and can analyse the situations better and react accordingly.

3) Willingness to Help a Woman in Need

Though self-defence is highly effective but if one is in need, no matter how crucial your work may be, you should always go and help them. You may lose an important meeting or a prime opportunity but you will definitely stop a nuisance from happening and win the blessings of a girl and her closed and beloved ones. The real meaning of life is all about serving people and distributing happiness.

4) Use of Computer Vision Engineering

As a computer vision engineer, I see CV almost applicable to any field. Same goes here as well. Computer vision is a technique via which using forms of image, video processing and smart algorithms, computers can break down the image information and give us meaningful inferences. The method is popular in explorations of space science, fossil identification, facial recognition, gesture movements and recognition, number plate interpretation and a lot more.

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Installing cameras in the streets of Delhi and implementing smart CV algorithms to it will not only help in women safety but also as safety and security of every individual. Nowadays, bizarre night vision cameras have hit the market, with their extraordinary capability to capture images even in complete darkness.

As a reference database, specific human behavioural patterns can be stored. In real time, the video feed processing will help to detect any mishappenings by the reference database. This, in turn, will trigger an alarm alert to the security in-charge of that area who can verify if things are all right. In case of an emergency, specific gestures performed in front of the camera can directly deliver a message to the nearest police station to take action.

5) Awareness And Safety Campaign

Awareness shows and programs also play a major role in capturing the minds of youth at a very early stage. Awareness shows should be shown on a global platform, where it can gain the attention of everyone, it should be pumped continuously to social media where today’s youth is highly active. It must serve as a community message to all those young minds who consider women as objects and don’t know how to respect them.

This would not only help girls to be aware of society and mishappenings taking place every day. But also shapes the ideas and thought process of the sick boys who one day end up as rapists. During their childhood, if they are correctly guided by their Parents that sexual harassment is one of the biggest curses and it just spoils the lives of many people, girls and their poor family. Then this would develop a sense of discretion in those boys and in future, they will grow up as responsible men of the society.

Recently, Shree Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi announced free rides for women in Public Transports such as Delhi Metro and DTC Buses. Everyone has their own separate reactions on this step, but it’s a good initiative for women safety.

Today need of the hour is that we all men should respect every other woman in the society. We as a community should speak up against any type of harassment done to any woman which we encounter in our day to day life. A woman brought us to this world by accepting so much pain, we have no right to hurt another. As a responsible citizen, we should know our limits and understands our actions. Help those in needs and be emphatic towards them. The combined efforts will definitely vanish the crime against women in Delhi someday.