Say No to CoronaVirus

Why Fear and Confusion being spread in the name of Coronavirus?

No doubt, the world is witnessing a pandemic these days. This deadly virus (SARS-CoV-2) that is believed to be started from Wuhan (City in China) causes the disease known as Covid-19 or Wuhan Coronavirus. The entire world is affected by this deadly disease. All the superpowers like America & China have brought to their knees. Several industries like tourism, food, manufacturing, transportation, information technology, real estate, wholesale trade etc. are going on the downfall. 

Only, the healthcare sector is on the boom, whose recent cases we have seen in Delhi NCR, masks and hand sanitizers are sold at 10X to 20X price in the market. Police has busted multiple fake hand sanitizers and masks making factories in the national capital.

Why don’t people understand that this is not the right time or opportunity to encash? This is a Public Health Emergency, show your support don’t try cheap money making tricks. 

Also, the fake medicines, treatment, home remedies are trending these days on YouTube, Facebook and being virally forwarded on WhatsApp. Distinct quacks are claiming to be the inventor of medicine for curing Novel Coronavirus. 

Please! Please! Please! Don’t Align with them.

Always Read News from Trusted Sources. Listen to Your Government, Local Authorities and World Health Organization.

WHO Website –   

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India –

The Helpline Number for Corona-Virus: +91-11-23978046; Toll Free No: 1075;

Helpline Email for Corona-Virus :

Because in this challenging time of pandemic, we need to cooperate with our Govt. in stopping the expansion of Coronavirus. Avoid mass gathering and stay at home as much as possible. Don’t believe hoaxes and don’t spread hoaxes related to Covid-19. World Health Organization and Government of India have strictly warned people for the self-medication of Covid-19. They have urged the affected patients (tested positive for novel coronavirus) to contact them without any delay. 

Symptoms of CoronaVirus

Although these symptoms have been suggested by the World Health Organization, but it is advisable to consult your doctor for other severe symptoms or problems. Common symptoms of Novel Coronavirus are:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Breathing Difficulties

In severe cases symptoms may be:

  • Persistent Pain or Pressure in the Chest
  • New Confusion or Inability to arouse
  • Bluish Lips or Face
Symptoms of CoronaVirus

How to Prevent the New Coronavirus?

  • You should wash your hands frequently and properly.
  • Stay at least 1 metre away from a person who is sneezing or coughing.
  • Bent Elbow or Use Tissue to cover Your Mouth and Nose, whenever you are sneezing – coughing. Throw tissue in a closed bin asap. 
  • Try to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouse unnecessarily.
  • If you face any symptoms, be quick to see your doctor. 
  • Avoid shaking hands when meeting people, rather say namaste by joining your hands.  
  • Postpone your International Trips. 

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Steps taken by the Indian Government

Undoubtedly, the government is bit late in taking action against novel coronavirus but yes, now Indian Government is fighting with its full force with dangerous Covid19.

  • Schools, Colleges, Malls, Cinema Halls have been closed in many states including Delhi till 31st March’20.
  • Famous Tourist destinations like the Taj Mahal, Museums and other Monuments are shut down in order to stop the distribution of viruses. 
  • Passengers coming from abroad are being checked at the airports. Any doubtful patient is immediately sent to the designated medical authorities. 
  • The person who is found positive with the coronavirus test is sent to the isolation ward for further treatment and family members of the patient are put under quarantine. 
  • Prohibited passengers from multiple countries across the globe to stop incoming threats. 

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