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Have You Ever Tasted the Dolma Aunty Momos? No, Then the way to Heaven is Difficult for You!

Yes, you heard it right. All the momo lovers in Delhi who haven’t eaten the delicious and mouth watering momos of Dolma Aunty have done a serious offence. The dwar of moksha is not open for them.

Feeling remorse! Then make a plan today and head towards the central market, Lajpat Nagar for enjoying best momos in Delhi without wasting time.

In Lajpat Nagar market, you can ask anybody about the direction to Dolma Aunty Momos Kiosk. Upon reaching the shop, you may have to wait for sometime in the queue for your turn. You can have 3 varieties, Veg Momos, Paneer Momos and Chicken Momos.  The best part of these momos is their thin maida (white flour) stuff. They are served along with pyaaz (onion) & red chilli chutney prepared by the secret Dolma Tsering recipe.

Apart from momos, you can also eat other chinese dishes such as chowmein, chilli paneer, manchurian, chinese platter, spring roll, chilli chicken etc. They are also yummy.

Story behind the Success of Dolma Aunty Momos

Dolma Tsering (Dolma Aunty full name) came to Delhi in the last decade of the twentieth century in the search of work. After trying multiple options, she started her momo business merely with a table, chulha and small cylinder. At that time, her biggest challenge was, the Delhiites were unaware of the steam dumplings of Tibet.

But with the growing time, people started eating momos and her business taken a sweep by the word of mouth marketing. Dolma Aunty says “In 1994, there was no culture of momos in Delhi, it was only sold in few chinese restaurants”. Since past 7-8 years, momos has taken the place of most favourite street food in Delhi. Today people are crazy for momos and they have crowned momos as the king of street food. And the Dolma Aunty Momos are acclaimed as the best momos in Delhi.

Now, Ramu, Dolma Aunty’s son is taking care of shop along with helpers. A wide range of customers is coming from far locations of Delhi-NCR just to taste these amazing momos. Due to booming popularity and good sales number, they have opened two more Momos kiosk in New Friends Colony and Kamla Nagar Market. You can easily spot Delhi University’s North Campus crowd at their Kamla Nagar Thela.

Dolma Aunty Momos

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