How to spend a day in Delhi From the Past to the Present?

Places to Visit in Delhi in a Day

Delhi one day Tour would be nothing less than an adventure; a lot of walking and appreciating the exquisiteness of the city. The temperature of Delhi sores very high in the summer months starting from April to about August, because of which it becomes imperative to stay hydrated throughout the day and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. One can always use public transport like the Delhi Metro or DTC Buses, which saves a lot of time and money in visiting the amazing places in Delhi.

Breakfast at Shahjahanabad – Old Delhi

It would be idyllic to begin the day with breakfast at the famous “Paranthe Wali Gali” at the heart of Old Delhi, in Chandni Chowk. Chandni Chowk is easily accessible through Delhi Metro (DMRC) and the morning hours are the best with little crowd in the region. Old Delhi is also famed for a lot of embroidery work and Indian ethnic wear, which charms people from across the country. Old Delhi also has the famous Mughal Monuments like the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid, which has preserved the Mughal Culture till the day, adding to the richness of the city’s history. 

Lutyens’ Delhi – Centre of National Capital

Moving on from Old Delhi, it would be recommended by anyone to have lunch from Connaught Place or CP, in the popular language, as it has a plethora of restaurants and Cafes, which are vibrant and diverse in the cuisine they offer. You can try both expensive to budget restaurants in CP, serving delicious food. 

For the shopaholics, the day would just get better by taking a stroll through “Janpath”, which is one of the most famous shopping markets in the city, packed with both street and high-end shops. The iconic white architecture of CP, only adds to the daintiness and makes one fall in love with the city instantly. Connaught Place is one of the best places to hangout with friends in Delhi NCR. 

One can take an Auto to the next stop, which is yet another historically significant and tourist friendly spot- The India Gate. The soothing evening breeze along with the roadside hawkers, makes India Gate one of the most charming locations in the city. With the Rashtrapati Bhawan seated on the Raisina Hill, one can often trek up the hill, or even decide to embark on a boat ride that is done by tourists.

End the day in South Delhi

Before you retire for the day, I would highly recommend one to rush to Hauz Khas, which is one of the bustling places in South Delhi. Get down at the famous Deer Park and take an evening walk inside the park, which is generally crowded with joggers. Relish the beauty of the lake, while enjoying the sunset and enjoy the tranquillity after such a hectic day. As the sun sets, make your way to the Hauz Khas Village, which again is filled with many cafes, offering a wide range of choices that you can indulge in.

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Being a Delhiite for the past three years, I’ve been to some extraordinary places and have had experiences for a lifetime. For a first-time traveller to the city, it is impossible to cover everything that the city has to offer in just a few hours. But one can visit selective places in Delhi in a day. Moreover, one can always spend a day in various other ways that they want to.

A foodie can go on a food walk that is frequently arranged by different organizations across the city. Lovers of Culture and heritage can embark on a heritage walk conducted by some renowned Heritage Walk leaders, taking you back in time. People who are obsessed with shopping would agree to call Delhi, one of the best places to shop extensively in a budget, with the endless shopping hubs scattered across the city. Just name your interest and the city has so much to offer in so many diverse spheres. 

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