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Delhi Metro is Smartly Conveying its Message to Riders : Ultimate Spoiler Alert for GOT Fans

Delhi Metro is known for its responsibility of carrying more than 25 lakh passengers each day. Delhi Metro provides more comfort to riders in comparison to buses and auto rickshaws running on the Delhi road. Even in harsh weather conditions, we reach our destinations conveniently without sweating or shivering.

Recently, a smart move of social media promotion seen on the Twitter and Facebook Account of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). A spoiler alert has been given to the fans of HBO’s famous epic fantasy drama’Game of Thrones’(GOT). This famous TV show was started in 2011 and ended this year on 19th May after completing 8 seasons and 73 episodes. The epic drama has accumulated extreme popularity in these last 8 years among the viewers worldwide.

Last stop of the season!Catch up on the Train of Thrones, but don’t go spoiling it for others.If you're watching it on the metro, please be sure to use earphones.#GameOfThrones #GOT

Posted by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on Sunday, May 19, 2019

The social media post requested the GOT fans to use the earphones while watching the last episode of the season on the Delhi Metro. Otherwise, it can be a spoiler for co-passengers.

Many a time, while travelling in Metro, you can easily notice a naive watching movie in full volume without earphones. This was the reason; the Metro Authority has informed regular travellers to use earphones or headphones using Game of Thrones(GOT) example.

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Present Condition of DMRC Passengers

Metro Authority is regularly issuing alerts through announcements and display boards inside the station to aware the passengers not to violate the rules. But inspite of this, you can easily spot many people sitting on the floors of the train, watching a movie without earphone, eating food, spitting on the station etc.

People don’t understand that these all norms and regulations are for their convenience and comfortable journey. Everything that Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is doing is just for the sake of its passengers. And Delhi Metro is public property, so it’s our duty to keep it clean and abide all the rules prescribed by the Delhi Metro Authority.