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Which One to Choose : Day Colleges vs Evening Colleges in Delhi University

The high sky cut-offs of Delhi University often make it very challenging for students to get admission into their desired college. The release of the first cut-offs for taking admission in the University of Delhi is just a few days away and with over 70 colleges in the University, it is necessary that the students are well aware of certain facts and processes to help them make their decision smoothly. One of the frequently asked question by many is regarding the evening colleges in DU. Most of the colleges are day colleges and there are only a handful of colleges that offer evening classes.

Day Colleges VS Evening Colleges in DU

a) The key advantage of Evening college lies in the fact that students experience major relaxations in the cut-offs, which makes it easier for students who couldn’t score enough to get through a day college.

b) The syllabus that is taught in both the day and evening colleges in DU are identical and the degree that a student receives after graduation is awarded by the University, which is identical with no difference.

c) However, the faculty, as well as the administration of the evening and day colleges, might vary from one college to the other.

d) The location, classes, canteen and all the other facilities remain the same. The Principal of the Colleges also remains the same usually.

e) Most of the Day Colleges begin at 8 AM in the morning while the evening colleges are conducted from 2:30 PM.

f) The opportunities provided to both the Day as well as Evening colleges are more or less the same. Placements and opportunities largely depend on the students and their calibre. Most Evening colleges report of a 100% campus placement.

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g) Many assert that the evening colleges are less crowded and the hyped ‘College Life’ as such, is sort of absent in the evening colleges and the day colleges are regarded more ‘happening’.

Correcting Certain Popular Myths regarding Evening Colleges in Delhi University

1.   Evening colleges being unsafe for Women is an obsolete notion now. People often believe that the late timings of classes are dangerous for girls as it hampers their safety. However, in the past few years, this is a highly mythical concept as in many colleges, as many as 45% of the enrolled students are girls.

2.   It is true that none of the North Campus colleges offers evening classes, which goes on to frame a general conception that Evening colleges in DU are for people who score less and are academically weaker. This too is a false concept as people choose their college according to their preference many a time. The students of many evening colleges are as good as the day colleges, in some cases, even better.

It can be clearly seen that besides the time, there is no significant difference between a day and evening college at DU. For some, the evening colleges are indeed more advantageous due to reasons like lesser cut-offs and lesser crowd. I would highly recommend one to choose an evening college while preparing for competitive exams as these students will neither miss out their coaching classes nor their college lectures.

It is vital to change the general perception and be more supportive of students studying in the evening colleges. On the contrary, if you want to actively take part in extracurricular activities and be part of the buzzing societies, a Day college would be the best option. Both have their own sets of pros and cons, but it’s essential to choose the best option that suits every individual differently.