Absolute Gol Gappa spots in Delhi which will redefine your Experience for this Traditional Delightful Indian Cuisine

Golgappa Eating

Gol Gappas, popularly known as Pani Puris in many parts of the country is one of the beloved Indian snacks. No matter if it is served to the poor or rich, the bite is cheap and affordable to all. Different places have different flavours and special ways of preparing this delicious snack.

But what is so special about Gol Gappas? Answer is, The way it crunches out in your mouth, bursting into a wide variety of spices and flavours is just incredible. The stuffed potato along with the tangy Pani (water) is just something that can not get better. By now, I am sure you have got your mouth fully watered and are looking for a nearby solid Gol Gappa spot to get a good treat.

We have listed 8 Amazing Spots of Delhi serving ultimate mouth-watering Puchka:

1. UPSC Chaat Wala

Also known as Prabhu Chat Bhandar, it’s been long since the place grew up. Today, you can find the best Golgappa in Delhi here at a reasonable price. Within a hundred bucks, you can have a satisfying snack for two people.

Location: Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, Next to UPSC Building, New Delhi

UPSC Chaat Wala

2. Chote Lal Chaat Bhandar

With a wide variety of foodstuff including various types of Chats and Kulchas, superb GolGappas is one of the specialties of this place. If you’re craving for food in the narrow streets of Old Delhi, perhaps you should stop here and give this place a try.

Location: 1030 Sitaram Bazar, Near Chawdi Metro Station, Old Delhi

3. Bengali Sweet House

Don’t think of getting a more authentic Kolkata Golgappas, natively known as Phuchkas in the entire Delhi than Bengali Sweet House. The stuffed Aaloo filling is more seasoned, and the water is tangy. This place has two different kinds of GolGappa serving, namely general Golgappas and  Golgappa Chat.

Location: Bengali Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi

4. Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar

Coming back from a long long time, Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar has established itself decades back in the city. And guess what? The flavours and taste are getting better every day. Chandani Chowk has always been the best for food destinations. No doubt this place has been one of those to capture the attention of its visitors. So next time you’re up for a GolGappa mood in the busted streets of Chandni Chowk, don’t forget to try out this place.

Location: Opposite McDonalds, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi

Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar

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5. Vaishnav Chaat Bhandar

Kamla Nagar is an all in one market with numerous things to fulfill all your marketing needs. And so it is for good food and lovely snacks. With superbly done customizations and additives, this GolGappa is going to win your heart for sure. One plate may not be enough for your satisfaction.

Location: Where: 93-E, Kolhapur Road, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi

Vaishnav Chaat Bhandar

6. Legendary INA Market Golgappe

INA Market is one of the finest Delhi food Markets with lots of variety and cuisines which may be unseen in other parts of Delhi NCR. Similarly, the GolGappe in INA market are those of the most delicious ones which you must try if passing nearby. Big in size and variation of crisp and fillings, the lip-smacking and the burst of spices experience is something which you will get here.

Location: Main Market, INA Market, South Delhi

7. Bobby Tikki Wala

One of the established Chaat Bhandars of western Delhi, Bobby Tikki Wala has been running since a very long time with an elegant class in a taste of its beautifully prepared Pani Puris. Give this place a try as it is having a quite famous Pani Puri in Delhi.

Location: Any Bobby Tikki Wala in west Delhi

Bobby Tikki Wala

8. Prince’s Paan & Chaat Corner

With tons of varieties in Chaats including Banana Chaat, Aloo Tikki, Bhalla Papri, Spinach Chaat, Pattor Chaat etc. they serve their dishes in a very hygienic way. The Pani Puris are also prepared in mineral water, which again shows their health and hygiene concern.

Location: M Block, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

Note: All the images in this post has been taken from Google.

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