Attack on Arvind Kejriwal the slapgate incident

Is Attack on Arvind Kejriwal the slapgate incident, actually a Conspiracy or well organised Election Drama?

Once again the honourable chief minister of the national capital Delhi is in top headlines for the attack on him during a roadshow for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This is not the first time when he has been slapped in public. I think this is the 8th-9th incident. Although the Delhi Police has taken the accused Suresh Chauhan in its custody and soon be filling their charge sheet. Also, the Aam Admi Party had a discussion with the Central Government to increase the security of the Delhi CM.

What is AAP saying?

Chief Minister is saying that the reputed Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is responsible for this attack. He says that the Bhartiya Janata Party is plotting all these attacks on him for the past 5 years. Mr Kejriwal expresses that the big national parties namely BJP and Congress are not happy with the fact that a common man is standing against them and raising his voice for justice and poor people. He also claims that these incidents cannot frighten him and halt his journey against renowned politicians of the country.

What is BJP telling?

Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari has an entirely different viewpoint on the slapgate incident. He doubts that the Arvind Kejriwal himself has scripted the whole incident. According to him, this episode was presented to deface the image of BJP and gain the political mileage during election season. Manoj Tiwari told that the Bhartiya Janata Party condemns such incidents and doesn’t support violence in any form.

What do I say?

These incidents are always shameful, no matter who is the victim. It distorts our country’s reputation in the world. Now coming to the point, as Delhi is a Union Territory, so the responsibility of it’s Chief Minister’s security lies with the Home Ministry of Central Government. And after the incident, it is obvious that the security arrangements of Delhi CM are not upto the mark.

One statement of Arvind Kejriwal is absolutely right that no other chief minister of any state has been attacked and humiliated in such a way in India’s history. There is a significant flaw in his security.

But a few days after the incident, some pictures and videos are going viral in which the Suresh Chauhan can be seen in the rally of Aam Admi Party supporting Kejriwal. But Delhi CM has unaccepted this fact he was an Aap Supporter and told Suresh is a Modi-Bhakt. If it is the truth, then why he continuously accepted the AAP’s election rally in the past.

If we believe the words of Delhi Police, then it says that during interrogation the Suresh told that he was an AAP supporter but was dissatisfied with the leadership of the party.

This is what we call politics; everybody is chanting his own mantra for boosting election immunity. Nobody knows what is the exact truth, who is right or who is the real culprit. All propaganda is used for winning the seats in the elections and sit on the ultimate chair of democracy.