Bike Road trip from Delhi to Ladakh

How to Plan a Bike Road Trip from Delhi to Ladakh?

Road trips are always fun to go for when best friends join in. It’s just going to be probably one of the best experiences of life. Due to long distances, most of the road trips are common by cars. But a bike road trip, especially to mountain areas like Ladakh, can be even more fun, where you feel like sliding right from the thighs directly to the arms of alluring nature with the magical breeze tearing all across your body. It gives one of the best sensations you can ever have in a Road Trip from Delhi.

As you keep climbing upwards, you find the breeze even getting cooler. You get disconnected with your mobile phones as the network is not good enough. Now you can fully immerse yourself into the beauties of nature to get the best of it. With friends, this weekend getaways from Delhi by road is even more fun. Moving all around, capturing the life-precious moments, sitting around with local people, dissolve into their culture and learn to sail in this lifelong ocean from another type of boat.

What to Do Before a Road Trip?

One should not forget to carry personal hygiene stuff and undergarments in proper quantities, as there are chances that you may end up getting wet at almost any waterfall which you see next in your trip. Further, some set of utensils and a small stove with quick to make foods like Maggi, boil and make Pohas and many other such types of foods help in ensuring you aren’t hungry anywhere in your trip. But carrying them all in a bike trip may get a bit hectic. What can be the alternative for all this?

Money! Carry some decent green leaves in your pockets and bags to make this trip memorable. While planning your trip mark the hotspots. Places for eating, petrol pumps to pump up your beast and refreshment zones come under these hotspots. Compute the overall trip time so that you can spend time at the right places properly. In this way, you will end up spending a good time in the best places which will help you observe and unveil their beauty to the fullest.

Weekends can be suitable for these types of trips as you’re totally out of any disturbances and anxieties and all you want is to chill and relax. Whether one is working or a student, for both of them weekends breaks them out of their regular hectic and tensed environments. Are all the packings done and cell-phones fully charged? Travel accessories and electronics all packed? Good! You’re ready now to have a decent time in the lap of nature.

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Some important things to be considered before your trip are not to overeat or drink the previous night. Make sure you’re in a great mood before starting your journey. Make sure your bikes are ready and fueled up to reach the next checkpoint comfortably. You may carry some ready to serve snacks with you. By doing this, you knocked out any possibilities of light hunger, which may pop out spoiling your juicy moments.

Things are all set now. You are ready for a delightful road trip from Delhi to Ladakh with pleasant memories with your loved ones. Make sure you make every moment count. Drive within the speed limits. Stay out of over-excitement and over-hyping. You have just got one life, make sure to extract the fullest out of it.